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65th Anniversary Dominican Republic-Canada

65th Anniversary Dominican Republic-Canada




65 years have passed since, in 1954, the Dominican Republic and Canada established diplomatic relations. The year that now begins, therefore, has a special significance for all of us.

If we take into account the political and geopolitical evolution of the world in the 20th century and so far in the 21st century and the manner in which countries of our continent have regrouped within that context, we would agree that it is a period that not only represents an honorable time, but also that it should not be overlooked.

So many things have changed at the international level and communications and exchanges between our two countries have intensified so much over these six decades, that we must spare no effort, neither Canadian nor Dominican, to strengthen what has been achieved so far.

We bear in our minds, in our diplomatic endeavors, the great moments that defined those relations and their promising state of affairs, as well as our basic and shared objectives, which are the democratic and institutional strengthening, and the development of our societies.

We remember with gratitude the many citizens of both countries who, in the journey they already covered, have worked hard for the same purpose. Their example encourages us to continue without hesitation and with pride we see the result of their labor, which is unequivocally reflected in the almost one million Canadians who visit us every year and in the thousands of Dominicans who have made Canada their second homeland.

That is why we are pleased to inform the international community, our Canadian friends, and our fellow citizens (especially if they reside in Canada) regarding the joy that this Embassy feels for those well-accomplished 65 years of bilateral relations and the intention of dedicating 2019 to celebrate those years as they deserve.

Happy New Year to everyone.


Pedro Vergés Ciman


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