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Ambassador Pedro Vergés meets with Dominican students from universities of Canada

Ambassador Pedro Vergés meets with Dominican students from universities of Canada

Ambassador Pedro Vergés met with a group of Dominican students who are currently pursuing professional degrees in university of Ottawa. It is an initiative that seeks to achieve an effective outreach between the students and the Dominican diplomatic representation in Canada in order to establish collaboration channels during the time of their studies and, subsequently, in the fields in which they will end up working.

As part of the encounter, the Embassy coordinated a courtesy visit to the Government House of Canada, also known as Rideau Hall, which houses the offices of the Governor General, as well as her residence.

During the visit, the Dominican students, accompanied by Ambassador Vergés, had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the federal government system and the functions of the Government House, in whose precinct the Governor General of Canada, as representative of the British Crown, deliberates with the Prime Minister and other officials of the country's executive branch, meets with foreign dignitaries and receives the credentials of the ambassadors, among other responsibilities of Canada’s Head of State.

The visit was followed by a luncheon at the Ambassador's residence, where he encouraged the students to fulfill their mission with dedication and a sense of professional ethics. The ambassador also emphasized the need to strengthen the relations of Dominican students with people linked to their respective careers in Canada. For these purposes, the ambassador put the Embassy at the disposal of the students and motivated them to become involved with their respective professional fields even before completing their degree.

The activity was described by Vergés as the first of a series of meetings that the Dominican Embassy has scheduled with Dominican undergraduate and graduate students in Canada.


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