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Gallery of Personalities of the Dominican-Canadian Relations

Gallery of Personalities of the Dominican-Canadian Relations

On the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the Dominican Republic and Canada, which we will be celebrating throughout 2019, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic is pleased to make known the personalities that have rendered a valuable service for the strengthening of the relations between our two nations, with the purpose of contributing, even in a modest way, to an increasing mutual understanding among us.

With this initiative, the Embassy will be honouring both Canadians and Dominicans that have played a relevant role in the strengthening of our bilateral relations within different branches of society, ranging from government and business to social work, arts and even sports.

We believe that their legacy deserves to be recognized by our communities, not only as a way to celebrate their valuable contributions to both nations, but also because they represent a good example of everything that can be achieved through the promotion of a particular value of one society within another.

In this manner, we also seek to encourage current and future generations to follow a similar path, extending their hand and broadening their horizons for the benefit of the ties that unite Canada and the Dominican Republic.


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