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Dominican Embassy in Canada and CEI-RD hold meeting with Canadian entrepreneurs

Dominican Embassy in Canada and CEI-RD hold meeting with Canadian entrepreneurs

October 23, 2019

Montreal, Canada.- The Dominican embassy in Canada and the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) held a business meeting with important entrepreneurs from the province of Quebec, in order to encourage foreign investment to the country and promote Dominican products among Canadian importers.

During the meeting, a business dialogue was held having as speakers the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Canada, Pedro Vergés Ciman, the Deputy Director of CEI-RD, Tamara Vásquez, and the Canadian businessman Gérard Trudeau.

Ambassador Vergés, who was in charge of the opening words, made reference to the excellent relations that the country has with Canada in both economic and political and cultural aspects, in addition to emphasizing the remarkable growth of the Dominican economy, which “has turned the country into a true regional leader”.
Tamara Vásquez spoke about the business opportunities in the Dominican Republic and how to make their ideas and projects viable through the different policies that the government carries out to encourage foreign investment and promote Dominican exports.

Gérard Trudeau talked about his positive experience with the country from a businessman point of view. While addressing his fellow Canadian citizens, Trudeau listed the elements that, according to his case, have made the Dominican Republic an ideal partner for the benefit and expansion of his companies.

The meeting was intended for companies in the province of Quebec, especially those located in the city of Montreal due to its business profile, whose economy is one of the most vibrant in Canada with a gross domestic product that exceeds 190 billions Canadian dollars, according to Statistics Canada, and it is the home of prestigious companies in a wide range of industries: transportation, construction, agribusiness, and finance, among others.

The Trade Mission was well-received by Canadian businessmen, who applauded the vision of the Executive Director of CEI-RD, Marius De León, regarding this type of edifying and interactive activities, where concerns are elucidated and opportunities are created. De León has repeatedly stressed that Canada has been a country that has demonstrated its confidence in the Dominican Republic for more than six decades. For their part, the Canadian participants agreed to start preparations for a delegation of businessmen that will visit the Dominican Republic in 2020.

Among the participants, there were the following companies: Royal Bank, Tourmed, Aqua Fuchsia, Vatne, OCEAN Group Inc., National Bank, LOC Corporation Inc., Terracam Equipement, Drone Tours, Cacaoteca, l'Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA), Udam, Décor Hernandez, National Bank, People of the Island, Cacaoteca, Les Aliments Morales, the Trade Commissionerof Global Affairs Canada, and Dominican businessmen based in Montreal.

As part of the visit to this province, Ambassador Vergés, embassy officials and the CEI-RD delegation took the opportunity to tour the facilities of the company Fermes Trudeau, and held a meeting with the 45 Dominican workers hired by that company under the Temporary Workers Program of Canada.


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