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Foundation of Dominican Customs exhibits 30 of the best artworks of its collection in the Capital of Canada

Foundation of Dominican Customs exhibits 30 of the best artworks of its collection in the Capital of Canada

February 20, 2020

Ottawa, Canada - The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Canada and the Fundación del Patrimonio Cultural of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) of the Dominican Republic, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Tourism, through its Tourism Promotion Office in Montreal, opened on February 20, in the magnificent hall of the Ottawa City Hall, the exhibition “Modernity and Contemporaneity in Dominican Art”, consisting of 26 paintings and 4 sculptures, masterpieces of Dominican plastic art.

The catalog of the exhibition contains a message from Enrique Ramírez Paniagua, General Director of Customs, in which he affirms that the exhibit “summarizes the multicolored culture, product of the mixture of ethnic groups that formed our society, from the Taínos, Ciguayos and Caribes natives, then with the Spaniards, on the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. ”
Ramírez Paniagua highlights that the exhibition reflects the vision and feeling of leading artists of the Dominican paintbrush, recognizing the initiative of the late Director of Customs and promoter of the arts, Miguel Cocco Guerrero.

The Dominican Ambassador to Canada, Pedro Vergés Ciman, in his welcoming words, pointed out that the exhibition is part of the program of activities commemorating the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations of our country with that North American nation. The diplomat described the exhibition as "an expression of the high level that we have been able to achieve in the field of visual arts” and thanked the DGA and its director, Mr. Enrique Ramírez Paniagua, and the members of the Foundation for having chosen Canada for the show.

With a high attendance, at the inauguration were also present Canadian Senators Jane Cordy, René Cormier and Marie-Françoise, the Director of the Ottawa Art Gallery, Alexandra Balzak, as well as Mark O'Neill and Kay Rictcher, Executives of the Museum of History and War. Also, at the event there was a broad diplomatic representation from Spain, Belgium, Cameroon, El Salvador, Saint Lucia, Cuba, Argentina, Israel, Yemen, Colombia, Mexico, Portugal, Austria, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Russia, Tanzania, Moldova, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Romania, Georgia, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Bosnia Herzegovina, among others, along with various officials of Global Affairs Canada, the Ottawa City Council, representatives of the Universities of Carleton and UNAM-Canada, the Dominican Aviation Institute (IDAC), as well as leaders of the Dominican community, members of the press and the general public.

With this exhibition, open from February 20 to March 4 at the Ottawa City Hall, the Fundación del Patrimonio Cultural of the DGA, continues an initiative that has reaped many successes in places such as the headquarters of the Organization of American States, in Washington, in New York, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, in Brussels, Belgium, and in Havana, Cuba. This Foundation also sponsors an annual traveling exhibition for each province of the Dominican Republic, as a way for residents in the most remote places to know and learn to appreciate the works of our most renowned artists.


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