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Dominican Embassy in Canada celebrates the Independence and, at the same time, ends the successful art exhibition of the DGA

Dominican Embassy in Canada celebrates the Independence and, at the same time, ends the successful art exhibition of the DGA

March 3, 2020

Ottawa, Canada. - With a reception held on the occasion of the 176th anniversary of the National Independence, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Canada ended, in the same act, the art exhibition “Modernity and contemporaneity in Dominican art” of the Fundación Patrimonio Cultural of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), in display in Ottawa from February 20 to March 3, organized by the Embassy and the Fundación Patrimonio Cultural, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Tourism through its Tourism Promotion Office in Montreal. The reception took place at the Ottawa City Hall.

On behalf of Global Affairs Canada, were present, among others, the Chief of Protocol, Stewart Wheeler, and the Director for Central America and the Caribbean, Sylvia Cesaratto, who in her speech highlighted the excellent bilateral relations that both nations have maintained since they were established in 1954.

In his speech, Ambassador Pedro Vergés listed some of the activities carried out by the Embassy during 2019, which included a business meeting with entrepreneurs from the province of Quebec, crafts exhibitions, a Dominican film festival, a gastronomic festival, a Dominican book exhibit, a seminar on the Elimination of Violence against Women held in coordination with the Senate of Canada, and agreements and events held with the Canadian universities Carleton, McGill and Concordia, as well as with the UNAM campus in Canada.

While highlighting the recognition, by international organizations, of the achievements made by the Dominican Republic, the Dominican ambassador cited the country's high economic growth, the increased investment in education and the eradication of illiteracy, in addition to the notable improvements in the health system and road infrastructure. Regarding the bilateral relations with Canada, the diplomat said "they are Extraordinary" while also mentioning a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding on trade and investment signed between the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs. “The Dominican government, like the Canadian counterpart, works always in the pursuit of improving the living conditions of our citizens and in the ever more intense promotion of the democratic system and respect for human rights,” said Ambassador Vergés to those present at the event.

During the reception, the guests enjoyed a presentation of merengue and bachata dance, as well as the exquisite Dominican cuisine by tasting traditional dishes prepared by the Dominican restaurant Bistro Alegría, and national drinks thanks to the collaboration of the Dominican brands Oliver and Oliver, Barceló, Macorix, Cerveza Presidente and Canita Beer. Cortes Hermanos and Procigar also collaborated.

The event was attended by a large audience that included various officials from the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada, as well as ambassadors and representatives from more than 50 diplomatic missions accredited in Canada, including the Apostolic Nunciature, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar, Cameroon, the Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan, and representatives of the universities of Ottawa, Carletton and Concordia. Also present were executives of Casa Juan Pablo Duarte of Montreal, and a large representation of the Dominican community from both Ottawa and Montreal. Also attending were executives from organizations such as Hispanic Heritage Quebec, the Trade Facilitation Office of Canada, Ferme Trudeau, the Canadian International Council, and the Canadian Commercial Corporation, among others.


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