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Latin American embassies hold virtual concert on Canada Day

Latin American embassies hold virtual concert on Canada Day

July 1, 2020

Ottawa, Canada. - On the occasion of the commemoration of National Day of Canada, on July 1 the virtual event “Latin American Concert in Celebration of Canada Day” was held, carried out under the coordination of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in a joint effort of 19 diplomatic missions accredited to the country.

This activity, an initiative of the Embassies of Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Colombia, comes as an expression of solidarity towards Canada within the framework of the celebrations of the anniversary of the Constitutional Law of 1867 that united three different colonies to establish Canada as country. With this gesture of unity and celebration of the values that unite us, the embassies of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela brought forth their music, dance and folklore to offer Canadians the best of our cultures.

The Dominican Republic featured the young talent Manny Cruz, who was presented by the Minister of Culture Eduardo Selman. The event also featured the dance group Tango Fire, Celina Charlier, Ana Veydó y el Grupo Cimarrón, Buena Fe Group (Cuba), among others.

The event was broadcast through YouTube Streaming and so far the video of the concert has been seen by more than 1,800 people, many of whom have praised the initiative and its quality. It should also be noted that the production of the concert was done by the Dominican producer Misael Rincón, under the coordination of officials from our Embassy in Canada.

On behalf of the Canadian authorities, the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Americas of Global Affairs Canada, Michael Grant, thanked and welcomed the initiative of the Latin American embassies, which he said inspired the embassies of his country abroad to carry out similar virtual activities in commemoration of Canada Day.



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