Free Zones

The Dominican Republic has 73 free zones industrial parks and more than 680 companies operating under the system, generating more than 160,000 jobs. With a long history of free zones, dating back to 1969 when the first park was established, the country has succeeded in providing an encouraging environment for manufacturing businesses. As a result, the value-added goods from the free zones have become the major source of Dominican exports.

The National Free Zones Council is the institution that outlines the policies required for the promotion and development of the duty-free zone sector in the Dominican Republic. The Council, composed by government officials and representatives of the private sector, is in charge of presenting recommendations to the executive power concerning the establishment of free zones for exportation.

 In addition, the council is responsible for the evaluation, approval or denial, of all requests of permits required for the installation and operation in the free zones.

The free zone sector is governed by Law 8-90, which establishes all incentives for companies operating under this scheme. Please refer to Laws and Incentives for more information.

For information concerning services, statistics, list of industrial parks, and companies currently operating under the free zone system, please visit the official website of the National Free Zones Council at

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