Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities arise from the sound and encouraging legal structure of the Dominican Republic. Foreign Investment is regulated by law 16-95, which provides a set of rules that favors job creation and revenues. In terms of investment attraction, the Dominican Republic is a highly competitive country due to its strategic geographic location, lower operational costs, talented human resources, business incentives, and investment protection.

Likewise, the growing and diversified Dominican market serves as a stimulant to attract investment in all areas of the economy. Moreover, the country has set in place a strong system of policies that encourage and support investment in areas that are considered of national priority for the development of the nation and sustainability of the economy.

Such policies offer a wide range of incentives for investments in:

  • Developments in key tourism regions.
  • Renewable energy.
  •  Duty-free zones manufacturing.
  • Developments in the border region with Haiti.
  • Technology-related operations.


Please go to Laws and Incentives for more information.

As a result, the Dominican Republic is among the largest recipients of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Central America and the Caribbean.

The free trade agreements of the Dominican Republic with the United States, Europe and Central America serve as platforms to enter those important markets by taking advantage of the competitive business policies set in place. Investors are supported by a strong financial sector and a well organized business community that serves as an excellent network to settle and expand in the Dominican market.

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