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  • Dominican Republic is chosen as guest of honor for the Hispanic Heritage Month Quebec

Dominican Republic is chosen as guest of honor for the Hispanic Heritage Month Quebec

Dominican Republic is chosen as guest of honor for the Hispanic Heritage Month Quebec

Montreal - The Dominican Republic was chosen as the guest of honor during October’s celebrations for the Hispanic Heritage Month Quebec for the year 2019, by the Quebec Hispanic Heritage Administrative Council, in which Canadian authorities, embassies, community organizations and cultural associations from Quebec carried out activities aimed at promoting the Hispanic culture in that Canadian province.

During the opening ceremony, held on October 4 at the Fier du Monde Museum, the Dominican Ambassador Pedro Vergés thanked the Quebec Hispanic Heritage Administrative Council for choosing the Dominican Republic as a guest of honor for this year and assured that the country's participation will be very enthusiastic, as it coincides with the celebration, in 2019, of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Canada. “I have no doubt that this initiative will help, over time, to highlight the important contribution of our communities to the growth of Canada”, said the Dominican diplomat during his speech.

Among the activities carried out in honor of the Dominican Republic stand out a painting exhibition titled “Exodus” by the plastic artist Carlos Baret; a lecture on Dominican culture and identity; the music performance of a Latin-American Rock and Jazz band; the play “La Mujer”, based on the story written by Juan Bosch, and the Dominican gastronomic gathering tour, among others. Within this context, the Dominican Embassy organized the first Dominican Book Exhibit in Canada, held in the city of Montreal, with the presence of the Minister of Culture of the Dominican Republic Eduardo Selman, in collaboration with Concordia University, and it featured three seminars on Dominican literature, the screening of the film “Flor de Azúcar” and an extensive exhibition of books written by Dominican authors.

The Quebec Hispanic Heritage Association is the leading promoter of Law 1094 of 2018, whereby the Parliament of Quebec proclaims the month of October as the Hispanic Heritage Month in that Canadian province. It is worth recalling that in 2018, the General Director of the association, Alexandra Regalado, was one the finalist of the “Oscar de la Renta Award“, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, for her work in favor of the Dominican community in Montreal.

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