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Notarial Acts

A notarial act is the process by which a notary public makes use of his / her capacity to certify the authenticity of a document, being a witness to it and stamping it with his / her signature and seal.

In the case of some legal documents issued abroad, the officers of the Dominican consulates have the ability to give public faith to said documents, acting as a notary public, so that they may be valid in the Dominican Republic.

Power of attorney

Power of attorney services are available mostly to Dominican citizens; however, some exception apply for foreigners and depending on the particular situation the Embassy may provide power of attorney services to persons that are not Dominican citizens. Please consider that if you are not a Dominican resident, the power of attorney that you require probably have to be prepared by an organization from the country where you reside.

Please contact us in order to get informed about your particular situation.

Power of attorney is a document that gives legal authority to someone (a representative) to act on your behalf.


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