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Canadian entrepreneurs explore opportunities to invest in the Dominican Republic

Canadian entrepreneurs explore opportunities to invest in the Dominican Republic

October 19, 2021

Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Dominican Republic._ Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez received a visit from a mission of Canadian businessmen interested in investing in the Dominican Republic in the areas of trade, development, investment, industry, tourism, cooperation for environmental sanitation projects and others.

Minister Álvarez explained that with this meeting the work agenda of these businessmen in the country began. “You are in a nation with an excellent investment climate, reinforced by the efforts of the Dominican Government to combat corruption and impunity. In addition, we have a free zone regime that generates investment facilities, and we have macroeconomic stability," added the foreign minister.

The arrival in the country of this high-level business mission was coordinated by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Canada, and its ambassador Michelle Cohen, who also had the support of the Vice Ministry for Economic Affairs and International Cooperation. This mission represents the first of its kind to arrive since that nation opened its borders after the pandemic.

“The mixed multisectoral business mission seeks to reactivate bilateral relations between Canada and the Dominican Republic, an ideal space for the discussion of new joint strategies between Dominican and Canadian multisectoral entities for the reactivation and dynamization of tourism, the increase of trade flows and attract more investments," said Ambassador Cohen.

This visit is part of the efforts made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote axis number two of foreign policy: promoting exports and foreign direct investment to create jobs.

The Vice Minister for Economic Affairs and International Cooperation, Ambassador Hugo Francisco Rivera Fernández, made a presentation on the opportunities we offer as a country to investors, also indicated that we are the logistics HUB in the region, being the 6th country with the highest connectivity in Latin America.

 Also present at the meeting were the Vice Minister of Bilateral Foreign Policy, José Julio Gómez; the Director of Trade Promotion and Investment, Mariana Ambrad; and the adviser for commercial affairs of the Ministry, Ariel Gautreaux.

The ambassador, general director for Central America and the Caribbean of Canada, Sylvia Cesaratto, and Christine Laberge, Canadian ambassador in the Dominican Republic, together with Cohen integrate the official bilateral staff that in Dominican territory will accompany the mission in its work agenda and meetings that ends on October 22.

These businessmen also plan to maintain interactions with the Presidency of the Dominican Republic, Senate, ministries of Defense, Industry and Commerce, Tourism, Environment, Energy and Mines and the Reserve Bank.

Furthermore, the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (Pro Dominicana), the General Directorate of Public-Private Partnerships, the National Institute of Potable Water and Sewerage (INAPA) and the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD).

As part of the mission activities, there will be a visit to the Guajimía gully by the representative of the Canadian Commercial Corporation and delegates from Global Affairs Canada. The latter entity will also hold a meeting with the Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez Martínez.

It will also make contacts with the National Council of Private Enterprise (CONEP), the National Council of Free Zones (in a visit to the free zone Parque Industrial de las Américas) and the Dominican-Canadian Chamber.

The agenda will close on Friday October 22 with the seminar "How to export to Canada: business opportunities in the Canadian market, a market full of opportunities", in digital version.


-MIREX Communication Department


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