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In Canada, DR’s attractions stand out as an investment destination

In Canada, DR’s attractions stand out as an investment destination

April 19, 2022

Ottawa, Canada.- Canadian businessmen from various sectors, government officials of this country, and representatives of the diplomatic corps participated in the reception conference “Benefits of investing in the Dominican Republic from the angle of foreign experience.”

The activity was defined by the Dominican Ambassador to Canada, Michelle Cohen, as the prelude to the organization of a second mixed (public-private) mission to the Dominican Republic to explore trade and investment opportunities.

The conference reception, hosted by the Dominican Embassy in Canada, was attended by Mrs. Robin Bernstein, former U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, as a special guest.

Bernstein stressed that he traveled to Ottawa to show the important relationship between the Caribbean country and the United States.

The diplomat highlighted the ease of doing business in the country and what the thriving tourism sector offers to foreign investors.

The Dominican Ambassador to Canada, Michelle Cohen, thanked those present, especially Mrs. Bernstein, for accepting the invitation to such an important meeting and for the work done in the country during her tenure as a diplomat.

She recalled that in the management as ambassador, Bernstein received a commercial mission from about 50 companies, ports, and commercial representatives of Florida, very interested in the Dominican Republic.

“In addition to the territorial proximity between the Dominican Republic and North America, the Dominican Republic has the advantage that the Dominican government offers a good level of confidence, political stability and solid incentives to investors for the trade, manufacturing, construction, agribusiness, hospitality and other sectors, so we invite Canadians to invest and do business with our country,” Cohen noted.


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