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Cabinet for Children and Adolescents values ​​approval of the Law on Early Childhood

Cabinet for Children and Adolescents values ​​approval of the Law on Early Childhood

June 20, 2022

Santo Domingo.- The Cabinet for Children and Adolescents welcomed the approval this Wednesday of the Law that creates the National System of Comprehensive Care for Early Childhood and the National Institute of Comprehensive Care for Early Childhood (Inaipi), declared an emergency by the Chamber of Deputies.

The first lady Raquel Arbaje, president of the Cabinet , thanked the senators and deputies, especially the respective presidents of the Upper and Lower Chambers, Eduardo Estrella and Alfredo Pacheco, for approving this piece of legislation that will allow the network of childcare centers to be expanded , which currently receive 159,228 boys and girls, and respond to requests made from all provinces of the country.

“ We are very satisfied with this good news. In November 2021, together with Inaipi and the National Council for Children and Adolescents (Conani), we delivered the bill that seeks to guarantee comprehensive care for early childhood, a task that was supported by a highly committed technical team. and that today is a reality , ”said Arbaje.

Likewise, he thanked all the members of the Gender and Family Commission of the Senate of the Republic , chaired by Senator Melania Salvador; as well as the Permanent Commission for Children, Adolescents and the Family of the Chamber of Deputies , chaired by deputy Ysabel de la Cruz, for achieving the unanimous vote for the benefit of boys and girls.

The aforementioned law, which will go to the Executive Power for its enactment, guarantees comprehensive early childhood care through the ordering of the institutional framework, the mechanisms for inter-institutional and intersectoral coordination and articulation, provision of services, supervision and financing, in coherence with the current legal framework in the country.


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