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President Abinader prays Our Father after the rescue of miners trapped in the Cerro de Maimón mine

President Abinader prays Our Father after the rescue of miners trapped in the Cerro de Maimón mine

August 9, 2022

Maimon. - The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, prayed the Our Father prayer together with the rescued miners, family members and personnel from the mine in Cerro de Maimón. Similarly, the president thanked God, the rescuers, technicians, collaborating companies and the entire Dominican people for their cooperation and help so that the miners were rescued.

"Thank God, the COE, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, their families, Public Health and the rescuers," were the first words of the head of state.

President Abinader also asked for a round of applause for Gregory and Carlos for the strength and courage shown during the ten days that they were trapped inside the mine.

The president was attentive to the situation in which the miners Gregory Alexander Méndez Torres and Carlos Yépez Ospina found themselves from the moment it became known that they had been trapped under the mine. He even ordered that equipment used in the works of the Metro in Los Alcarrizos be transferred to the place to help in the rescue.

In addition, he requested the collaboration of the Government of Canada for the shipment of material and equipment that helped in the rescue. In this regard, the official expressed gratitude to Justin Pierre James Trudeau , Prime Minister of Canada, for sending specialized teams that allowed the rescue operation to be streamlined.

After the rescue took place, President Abinader led a press conference, where he reported that Gregory and Carlos were already being transferred by helicopter to the Ramón de Lara Hospital, in Santo Domingo, where they will undergo specialized medical evaluations.

He added that, after the first medical check-ups, the miners show that they are in good health and that a specialized unit awaits them at the hospital , both for the physical and psychological aspects.

"I really want to give great recognition to the entire team that has participated in this work, " said the head of state.

In this sense, he thanked the work carried out day by day by the mine personnel, the foreigners who came to support, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Ministry of Public Health, the Emergency Operations Committee and the Dominican people for the thousands of prayer chains that they carried out.

Likewise, President Abinader said that the final rescue of the miners is a living example that when a people unites and works together, obstacles can be overcome.

“This is what is achieved when a people works together, when a people works together, and the truth is that I know that many Dominicans did not sleep waiting for this moment and it has already been achieved that they are in the best physical condition and they are already on their way. to the hospital where they are going to meet their families ," he said.