Dominican organizations in Canada


  • Dominican Cultural Association Ottawa - Gatineau
    Contact: Silfredo Almonte
    Phone: 613-682-0391

  • Dominicans United
    Contact: Uribe Dominguez
    Phone: 613-600-8949


  • Advisory Board for Dominicans Abroad, Canada - Condex
    Contact: Juan Francisco de Jesús
    Phone.: 514-607-6603

  • Latin American Stylists Association of Quebec
    Contact: Maira Lara
    Phone: 514-728-4350

  • Dominican - Canadian Fondation
    Contact: Daniel Regalado
    Phone: 514-815-1529

  • Pastors Association of Montreal
    Contact: Juanita Bueno
    Phone:  514-933-2837

  • Fondation Quisqueya Pour Les Enfants 
    Contact: Jose Reyes
    Phone: 514-546-6093

  • DR-Canada Chamber of Commerce in Montreal
    Contact: Luis Emilio Almanzar
    Phone: 514-839-1929


  • Association of Dominican Professionals
    Contact: Joyce Padilla
    Phone: 647-890-1428

  • Dominican Association of Toronto
    Phone: 647-606-1191 

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