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Dominican position on the electoral process in Nicaragua

Dominican position on the electoral process in Nicaragua

November 8, 2021

Santo Domingo, D.N._ In keeping with one of the main axes of Dominican foreign policy, that of defending and promoting democracy and human right, the government rejects the electoral  simulation carried out by the Nicaraguan government this past Sunday, November 7.

This electoral process lacked the minimum guarantees necessary to qualify it as fair, free and competitive; since it was marked by the arrests of numerous and important leaders of the Nicaraguan opposition and social movements, the breakdown of institutions, as well as unjustified restrictions against the media and civil society.

According to Article 1 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, democracy is a consecrated right of the American peoples and an obligation of all States to promote and defend it. As stated in article 5: "The strengthening of parties and other political organizations is a priority for democracy."

The Dominican government cannot remain silent in the face of situations that threaten the basic pillars of democracy, whose raison d'être is precisely to ensure that political struggles take place within the framework of respect for the rule of law and the necessary guarantees for the validity of fundamental freedoms.

We urge the Nicaraguan government to release political prisoners and take appropriate actions to return to the path of democracy. We call on the authorities to put Nicaragua's interest first and work to guarantee the full observance of human rights.

The countries of the continent must adopt, within the framework of the standards of the organization of American States (OAS), all the necessary actions to protect Nicaraguan democracy, creating a space for political dialogue that all allows to return to democratic constitutionality.


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