About the Embassy

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Canada has the responsibility to serve as facilitator and promoter of the political and trade relations between the two countries, and to promote cooperation, cultural, and educational exchange in order to maintain and expand the bond that stimulate welfare for the people.

To this end, our Embassy strives to foster a supportive work environment for the implementation of projects with private entities from both countries, along with Canadian government institutions and non-profit organizations pursuing a relationship of mutual benefit for both nations.

In addition, through our consular section we offer assistance to Dominican nationals, as well as Canadians citizens who require services offered by the Dominican Government in terms of processing and legalization of documents.

As representatives of the Dominican Republic in Canada we are committed with serving you. Our Embassy covers the following areas:

  1. Political Affairs and Cooperation
  2. Cultural Affairs
  3. Consular Affairs
  4. Trade and Investment
  5. Community Relations
  6. Press and Communications



130 Albert Street, Suite 1605 Ottawa, ON K1P 5G4, Canada

Phone: 613-569-9893

Fax: 613-569-8673

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