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Resident Visa

Service description

Article 48 of Regulation 631-11 for the Enforcement of General Migration Law 285-04. Applicable to persons interested in permanently residing in the Dominican Republic and fall under one of the following categories will be considered:

• Kinship ties (Spouse or son/daughter of a Dominican citizen or legal resident).
• Investors (Law 171-07)
• Pensioners, Retirees (Law 171-07)
• Landlords (Law 171-07)

The process consists of two steps:

• Step 1: Application for a single-entry residence visa valid for 60 days. This step can be done through our Embassy.

• Step 2: After receiving the residence visa from STEP 1, the interested party must complete a process while in the Dominican Republic before the expiration of the sixty (60) days of validity. For more information please see the sections below on "Procedure to follow" below, and "Additional information".


To whom this service is intended

Persons with kinship ties, investors, retirees and landlords.

This service is offered by the Consular Section.
Tel.: (613) 569-9893 ext. 2124 /2126 / 2127 | E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: 130 Albert St., Suite 1605, K1P 5G4, Ottawa, ON, Canada


Step 1 - Resident Visa Application

1. Visa application letter addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Ottawa, which shall contain applicant’s name, nationality, place of residence and occupation, as well applicant’s reason(s) for seeking to establish in the country (spouse or son/daughter of a Dominican citizen or legal resident, pensioner, retiree, landlord, or investor).

*When the application is being made on behalf of an institution, please use company letterhead and, in addition to the applicant`s information, the institution must state the activities the applicant will be responsible for and the position the applicant will hold.

2. Completed Visa Application Form, typed, printed or handwritten:

• Visa Application Form


3. One (1) recent frontal photograph measuring 2 x 2 on a white background; no jewelry or accessories of any kind, with ears clearly visible.

4. Passport valid for a minimum of eighteen (18) months.

5. Original Medical Health Certificate with an evaluation of overall health indicating whether the applicant suffers from any type of infectious disease, issued by the health authorities in the country where the applicant is currently residing. 

6. Original Canadian Police Certificate processed by the RCMP, complete with picture and fingerprints. *(Requires authentication, legalization, and translation)

* Children under 18 years of age are exempt from the Police Certificate requirement. If the child is to enter the Dominican Republic with only one parent, it is required that the non-accompanying parent submit the proper authorization for the child to reside permanently in the Dominican Republic. 

7. Original Canadian Birth Certificate (SHORT FORM -including parents’ name-), [Requires authentication, legalization, and translation]

If the applicant was not born in Canada, an original birth certificate legalized by the issuing government must be submitted.

8. Original Canadian Marriage Certificate, (Requires authentication, legalization, and translation)

If the matrimony took place in Dominican Republic, the Dominican marriage certificate must be legalized at the Embassy.

*All Canadian documents that require legalization through our Embassy must be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada.


*There are new instructions for document authentication at Global Affairs Canada -GAC because of COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first step before sending your documents for legalization to our Embassy. Please check the link below:


*Once you receive your document authenticated by Global Affairs Canada, you may send them all via mail/post to our Embassy.



If you are applying for the Kinship ties category (Spouse or son/daughter of a Dominican citizen or legal resident), you need to submit additionally, the following documents:

1. Letter of Guarantee. The guarantor must be the spouse or parents whom has to be a Dominican citizen or permanent resident domiciled in the Dominican Republic whom will assume the living expenses and repatriation of the applicant, if need be. This document must be signed before a Notary Public and legalized by the General Attorney’s Office of the Dominican Republic in the presence of two witnesses.  

2. Documents that prove the economic solvency of the guarantor and the applicant.  This can include:

• Bank letter stating the account balance and transactions made within the last six (6) months.

• Letter of employment

• Photocopies of Title Deeds

• Certification of retirement funds

• Any other documents supporting financial solvency 

3. Copy of the husband/wife Dominican National ID (cédula)

If you are applying for the Pensioners/Retirees category, you need to submit additionally the following documents:

1. Original certification issued by the government agency or private company where the applicant worked, including the applicant’s personal information, the length of time he worked at the institution, the position held and the total amount received as pension.

*The monthly pension amount received must be a minimum of US$1,500, or its equivalent in pesos. Please add US$250.00 dollars for each dependent (wife/husband and children).

If you are applying for the Landlords category, you need to submit additionally the following documents:

Landlord owning property on Dominican territory:

1. Documents which prove personal investment held on Dominican territory. (Title deeds, company documents to demonstrate that it is operating in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Labour, bank certificates in Dominican Republic).

Landlord owning property in their country of origin:

2. Bank certificates, rental agreements, certificates from financial institutions such as stockbrokers, documents which prove you are a shareholder or owner of a company that supplements your income.

*The monthly income must be a minimum of US$2,000, or its equivalent in pesos. Please add US$250.00 dollars for each dependent (wife/husband and children)

Your salary does not qualify as a pension.

If you are applying as investor, you need to submit additionally the following documents:

1. Certificate of Investment issued by the Center for Exports and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD). Direct investors must submit a copy of the Certificate. Companies operating under the Duty-Free Zone Regime must submit a copy of the certification from the National Council for Duty-Free Zones. Foreign companies contracted or sub-contracted by the executive branch are required to present a copy of the contract or the official gazette in which the contract is published. Border Development Projects are required to present the certification from the National Council for Border Development. Projects for Tourism Development can be accredited by both the CEI-RD and the Ministry of Tourism.

2. Employment Certification Letter of the receiving company.

*Dependent spouse and children must be included in the letter of guarantee from the host company.

• If the applicant is a dependent, a domestic worker, under legal guardianship, in the direct ascending line, or a beneficiary child over 18 years of age, a guarantee letter must be added where the guarantor (Beneficiary of the program) indicates the relationship of the applicant to to the dependent and assumes the living expenses and repatriation of the dependent, if need be.

• If the applicant is a shareholder of the company, must also submit an original letter from the Governing Board.

NOTE: Each applicant should sign a Letter of Intent, acknowledging that they have to submit their residency application to the Directorate of Migration in 30 days.


Procedure to follow

The first step is to send the documents specified in the requirements section and the completed application form to our Embassy.

Becoming a resident of the Dominican Republic is a two steps process. The Residence Visa is the first step in obtaining legal status in the Dominican Republic. The visa is single entry and has a validity of up to 60 days. The applicant MUST apply for the Residence Visa in their actual country of residence and have it in their possession in order to be allowed into the Dominican Republic to apply for temporary residence. Upon entry to the Dominican Republic, the applicant must report to the Department of Immigration in order to complete the additional requirements and finalize the residency process. Please make sure to read the observations at the end of Part I carefully.

Processing time

10:30 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.


For fees, view aditional information

Hours of service

15- 25 business days, depending on date of travel and prior requests.

Service channel

In Person or via mail (Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, DHL)

Additional information


Visa application

US$ 150.00

Legalization per document

US$ 100.00

Translation per document

US$ 40.00


Step 2 - Applying for temporary residence while in the Dominican Republic

Once the applicant receives their residence visa, they must proceed to the Department of Immigration in the Dominican Republic to complete the requirements to be admitted as a temporary resident in accordance with Dominican Republic Immigration Law Section VI, Article 48, A) Procedure and required documentation to be admitted for temporary residence.


1. Completed Temporary Residence Form, signed by the applicant typed or in legible print, to be submitted with the other documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the corresponding Internal Revenue Service stamp.

2. Proof of Residence Visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with which the applicant entered the country.

3. The Department of Immigration will capture applicant’s fingerprints and/or biometric information.

4. Medical exam authorized by the Department of Immigration to be performed in the Dominican Republic.

5. A total of four (6) recent photographs measuring 2” x 2”. Four (4) facing front and two (2) facing sideways, all with a white background, no jewelry or accessories, and ears clearly visible. 

6. Passport or travel document valid for a minimum of 18 months.

7. An insurance policy that can cover medical expenses and repatriation if necessary, authorized by the Department of Immigration.

8. A Sworn Affidavit drawn up and signed by a Dominican resident or legal permanent resident in the Dominican Republic, signed  by two witnesses with supporting documents (Bank letter, Business Patent, Property Deed, etc.). The letter must specify the type of relation between the guarantor and the applicant. The guarantor shall undertake to settle any and all expenses incurred by the applicant and will be financially obligated to resolve any debts if the applicant is deported for violating Dominican rules and regulations. The letter must be drawn up before a notary public of the Dominican Republic and legalized by the General Attorney’s Office. (The guarantor needs to have the equivalent in Dominican pesos of at least US$8,000 dollars per person, property’s deed and vehicle registration, if applicable).

All documents shall be submitted to the Department of Immigration, translated in Spanish, each with 4 copies. These copies are to be distributed to the National Directorate of Narcotics, Interpol, National Police and Department of Investigations. The originals will be kept at the Department of Immigration.

If you still have any question do not hesitate to contact the Consular Section at the Embassy phone number 613 569 9893 ext. 2124 / 2126 / 2127 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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